Creating A New Kind Of Target

Target Prototype

Over the last couple months, I’ve been working on some experimental outdoor gadgetry.


I’m working on a electronic pistol and carbine target system. My goal is to create something that helps increase mental awareness, and pushes you out of your comfort zone at the range. Zombie targets can be fun and tannerite has its place, but most of the time I want to go to the range and make it count.


I got the idea to build my own target system after watching a video from Rob Pincus. In the video he talked about a specialty steel target system that he was running. He liked the system because it was hard for shooters to game (both consciously and subconsciously). It was a mental exercise as well as a physical one, and that seemed like an interesting concept. I also found that there are a handful of paper target drills out there that encourage the shooter to actively use their brain.

I’m hoping to have the initial project ready in the coming months. I’m working hard to keep the cost low and within the budget of most shooters. This is the first project that I’m working through the entire end-to-end manufacturing process.

Working on this project has been super fun. I like to think that I am improving my marksmanship skills as well, but I’m not entirely sure that isn’t just my imagination. I’ll post some more details about the prototyping process soon.