Havalon Piranta

TL;DR - Initially, the blades were tough to remove, but after several times it becomes pretty easy and safe(-er, it is a scalpel after all).

I’ve changed my original opinion of the Havalon Piranta. I grabbed one of these knives earlier this year because of the amount of praise they were receiving from popular western hunters. Aron Snyder (aka Elkreaper) over at Rokslide loves the things.

My initial opinion was this:

  • Are they sharp? Exceedingly.
  • Are they lightweight? Yup.
  • Are the blades easy to change without leaving your fingertip in the wilderness? Hmmm…

Here’s the issue I had. Out of the box, I was having a heck of time removing the blade without the assistance of a pair of pliers. Which is fine at home, but what is the point of a lightweight knife if you must carry a pair of pliers with you change the blades? Then I saw this video (Obligatory warning - Canadian physics and knife guy ahead. Beware!):


The video is a full 15 minutes long, and goes through a lot of day-to-day uses of the Havalon knife. You do not need to watch the entire thing to see what I found. The part that caught me was right near the beginning where he easily pulls the blade off with his fingers. I pulled out my Piranta and started pulling the blade on and off several times (using pliers). Sure enough after about 10 times, the blade went on easy enough for me to use my fingers alone.

End of story - now I think these little knives are pretty nifty.