Podcast Review - Freedom Ocean

The Freedom Ocean podcast is an interesting mix of product creation and marketing tactics. Tim Reid and James Schramko are “Internet Marketers” from Australia. Sometimes the internet marketing scene can be a little shady, but these guys definitely seem like good guys. Some of the topics from the show are aimed at beginners in the web business world, but others can be pretty detailed. James definitely has solid grasp of salesmanship and continues to come up with fascinating new ideas.

Freedom Ocean Logo

I found these guys after hearing James on another podcast I listen to called the Lifestyle Business Podcast (write-up forthcoming), where the hosts kept comment on how they liked the way Schramko says “business.” I’m not sure this show is for everybody, but it is worth giving a shot.

I have to say one of my favorite episodes was the live episode they did a while back at the Fast Web Formula conference.