Podcast Review - Guntalk

Guntalk is actually a nationally syndicated radio program (Sunday 12-3pm MST) that happens to also be available in podcast form. The host is Tom Gresham. Mr. Gresham is also the host of a couple TV shows, as well as a huge part of the Guntalk.tv site which is full of video clips and shows.

This is a great show for anybody that likes firearms. The Gresham family has been involved in the firearms and hunting community for decades. The show has a huge variety of topics: news, politics, caliber discussions, reloading tips, guests from many different companies, safety training, and others. I’ve also noticed that on a fairly regular basis there is some contest running for listeners of the show. Many of these contests are for significant prizes (gun safes, firearms, etc.).

One thing that really strikes me about this show is how Mr. Gresham does an excellent job of walking the line of being genteel in his manner, but resolute in his beliefs.

I would definitely recommend giving the show a listen.