Reloading - How to not be a noob [p1]

Honestly, this is a little bit of an embarrassing guide to write. Most of these tips and tricks are things that I learned first-hand. I hope this guide proves to be handy and at the very least helps whet your appetite for reloading and the shooting sports. If you have questions or if there’s an issue with this guide, please let me know at

What first?

Before you start buying powder and primers and everything else, get a manual. Most kits come with a manual. The RCBS kit I started with comes with the Speer manual. You can buy manuals by themselves as well, and in some cases that might just be your best option. For example, if you are still on the fence about fully getting into reloading, this would be a good way to see what you’re in for. These manuals will contain information on how to operate the press, use the dies, and so forth. They also contain a whole pile of cartridge and load data. After you get going with reloading, the data will be the primary chunk of the book that you stick to.

Picking a powder

There are many different aspects to choosing which powder you are going to try. I wanted to add a just one tip. It is probably wise (especially with the current lack of availability) to not choose a single powder from your manual, and then go to the store hoping to find it on the shelf. A better idea, is to pick out several different powders that you think might work for your application. Then when you get to the store you can choose something from what they have in stock. The best idea, might just be to write your name in your manual, and then to take it with you to the store. That way you know right then whether that one bottle of IMR 4831 is going to work in your cartridge. be continued