Reloading - How to not be a noob [p2]

Honestly, this is a little bit of an embarrassing guide to write. Most of these tips and tricks are things that I learned first-hand. I hope this guide proves to be handy and at the very least helps whet your appetite for reloading and the shooting sports. If you have questions or if there’s an issue with this guide, please let me know at

Adjusting the scale foot

This is a really silly one, but believe it or not, I loaded a bunch of ammo by adding in a scale offset instead of zeroing my scale, because I didn’t know how.

Scale Zeroing

This little wheel on the bottom of your scale. Yeah, that spins in and out to level the scale out and bring you to zero.

Do my cases need to be shiny?

The short answer is, No. Unless the brass is really nasty and won’t camber in your gun, the shininess of your cartridge will have no effect on how it shoots. This is clearly counterintuitive since we all know that chrome adds horsepower to your car/truck/golfcart.

One thing that is worth mentioning about grubby cases is that it does make it more difficult to see wear or dents in the case. If you have really funky cases you can even sometimes get a steel case mixed in and not know it. When in doubt, try using a magnet to weed out stray steel cases.

Using a tumbler

If shininess is still an objective, and you’re going to use a tumbler. I would recommend tumbling before you run the cases through a sizer die and popping the old primer out. If you wait until after, the grit or media in the tumbler will lodge itself up in the primer cup and flash hole. This can be time consuming to inspect and poke out. be continued