Reloading - How to not be a noob [p7]

Honestly, this is a little bit of an embarrassing guide to write. Most of these tips and tricks are things that I learned first-hand. I hope this guide proves to be handy and at the very least helps whet your appetite for reloading and the shooting sports. If you have questions or if there’s an issue with this guide, please let me know at

Spreadsheet Madness

If you are looking to save money while reloading, you can use a spreadsheet to determine the most cost effective powder. This isn’t super complicated. A one pound jar of powder costs X dollars. There are 7001 grains in a pound. That means you can divide one by the other to get a price per grain. Add that to your spreadsheet. Then take the max charge weight for each powder in the caliber you are loading and add that to the spreadsheet. Note: this is just a simple comparison so I use the max charge weight even if I’m not planning to load my cartridge that high. You can then plot out which powder will be most cost effective to use. For extra credit, you can add the estimated FPS of each load to see which combination will get you the most speed for the least amount of money. Keep in mind we are talking about a couple nickels worth of difference unless you are loading tons and tons of ammo. This is just what you do when you are a Gun Nerd.

You won’t save any money reloading

This brings me to the next point. You will not save money reloading your own ammo. You will shoot more and you will probably end up spending even more money. That being said it is a great hobby and one that I look forward to for years to come.


There are tons of forums out there on reloading. Here are a handful that can be fun. Fair warning - not everything written on the Internet is true, so be discerning.

The End

Welcome to our common hobby and I hope you enjoy reloading as much as I do.