Ruger Mark III Field Stripping

I wanted to address something that came up recently, field stripping the Mark III pistol. I caught this funny video a couple days ago.


It just so happens that I had some range time with my fairly new Mark III. Now with 22s I don’t typically clean them after each and every range trip. In fact, some of them start to function better when they are a little dirty (up to a point). This trip though was in the drizzling rain, and at the very least I wanted to pull it apart to wipe it down. This was the first time that I pulled the Mark III apart, so things were a little stiff. I found that the best resource for disassembly and reassembly was actually Ruger themselves. Here are the two videos that I used:






  • It actually isn’t super complicated, but it isn’t a Glock.
  • Be careful if you see videos or posts on the Mark I and Mark II. Although, they are similar they are not exactly the same, and the little differences can be crucial when putting things back together.
  • You do NOT need a screwdriver to take any of this apart. You will just scratch the firearm, trust me.
  • Get a rubber mallet or beatin’ stick to help facilitate the stickiness of brand new parts. Just be gentle.

That’s it.